Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are a buyer or seller, or joining forces with others, we will work with you to create a clear action plan for your specific situation. 


Clear Action Plan for your Specific Situation


%22Think like a lawyer%22 Learning Experience


Collaboration throughout the transaction process


No Interruption of day-to-day operations

What to expect

Dealing with change can bring excitement and anxiety at the same time.  The fear of making a mistake or moving too quickly or too slowly can have its effect on your decision making, and your vision of growth through acquisition, merger or some other strategic arrangement should be well founded. These types of transactions come complete with all kinds of considerations, like deciding to structure them as mergers, asset sales or share sales, plus the consideration of promissory notes, escrows and/or related agreements.

 We typically collaborate with you in throughout the process to close which includes setting up your initial Letter of Intent and ensuring documents and funds are managed to close the transaction with certainty and speed.  We share our knowledge with you and to make sure all goes well and the process runs smoothly without interrupting your day-to-day operations.

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